Google My Business Implementation

The following skilled work is conducted for a Google-My-Business implementation of a verified Google-My-Business listing.

All of the following is completed for a one-time, fixed fee.

  1. On a notepad, write down the customer’s Google login credentials associated with the business, and test that it works.
  2. Write down the customer’s website address and login credentials to the back end. If a WordPress site, this would be where you log in, ie.
  3. Lastly, write down the name of the registrar where the domain is hosted, and those credentials, as well as where the site is hosted. If it is not the same provider, then these will be two separate sets of credentials.
    1. Use this form to record most of the information: Click Here.
  4. Claim the business on behalf of the customer, while logged into the customer’s Google account. This is best and more easily accomplished, where there is no “cookie confusion”, by using an incognito window and the Chrome browser.
  5. Register and login as the customer, to their Google-My-Business account.
  6. Add the information regarding the customer’s business, as best able, using information published on the customer’s website, or by interviewing the customer. (Ideally, do this in front of the customer, so they can watch and learn. Use a screen sharing session to accomplish this such as GoToMeeting or Click IT’s Monitoring Agent.)
  7. Answer any and all reviews that were submitted to Google. It is very important to stay on top of doing this, which is why teaching the customer about this is essential to have lasting effects.
  8. Add any photos, including a header and logo to the Google listing.
  9. Register the business, also while logged into the customer’s account, with the Google Search Console. You’re going to need to be able to log in to the customer’s website domain’s DNS and add a text record for verification.
  10. Lastly, teach the customer all that they need to know in order to manage their Google-My-Business account. This needs to be done while the customer is in front of their computer. It is best done in a remote session, so both you and the customer are viewing the same screen.
  11. If the customer does not want to be responsible for managing their GMB account, then provide them with what options there are in the many programs we offer which include this management, such as SEO Booster.

Want to learn more? See “Why You Need a Google-My-Business Listing“.

You can also choose to Do-It-Yourself by referring to our Google-My-Business Training GuildClick Here for more information.