Locations Served SEO Booster

Locations Served is a proprietary technique used to gain a web presence for a website in areas where this website would not typically be shown by Google’s search engine results pages.

Cost: The cost to create all the website pages, the presence and then the cost of maintaining the search engine listings is given here on this page.

In order to determine your total cost to have Click IT boost your SEO results using the “Locations Served” technique, two numbers must be determined:

  1. First, we must determine the total number of locations using zip codes, towns, and cities within the desired radius. (At Click IT, we can help determine this by using some special tools we have.)
    1. Use Google Maps at a zoom level exposing the desired radius to help determine the most populated areas.
      1. Zipcodes then can be combined with pages listing those locations, resulting in less work and fewer pages, but with the same search results.
    2. Be sure to make a list of these cities and towns selected, ideally in a spreadsheet.
  2. Next, decide on the number of services you want to have pages created for.
    1. The text for each service will be created, which is the creative work to complete, and then a page will be created for every service for each location served.
    2. Services must be keywords or phrases, such as “Computer Repair” or “New Computer” using our example.

Then, use the drop-down menus on this page to select these numbers to determine your total cost.

More Information About Your Web Presence and this Strategy

A 5-mile radius is considered a “Primary Zone”. Typically, a Google My Business listing will fall under this zone. However, when conducting a search for information about a particular subject matter, whether or not a listing shows up depends greatly on the level of competition. In our investigation, we found that Geothermal Professionals luckily does not have a lot of competition even inside a 25-mile radius, and therefore is showing up in this section of a Google search engine results page. Click for example.

The strategy is to have the website show up as many times on the first page of the search engine results as possible. In this way, the link more than likely will be clicked over other listings because of the prominence of the website. The Locations-Served search engine booster will help accomplish this objective.

In the Organic Results Section of Search Engines is Where Your Page Links Will Show Up!

The most desirable section of a search engine result page (SERP) is referred to as the “organic results” section. This is displayed below the advertisements and the Google-My-Business map. What is displayed here is controlled by algorithms using “robots” that search all the websites to catalog, store and then present these results,  This area is most competitive and it is difficult to get your website page to appear here because your website is measured against all the competing web pages out there with this searched keyword or phrase, in the location of the searcher.

“Click IT’s Locations Served is the most effective SEO rankings booster for the money!”

Another issue is that if your business is trying to attract customers or clients outside your location, then you typically won’t show in the SERP because your business is not in that location.

So in the interest of maximizing their usefulness, search engines began emphasizing local results. In recognizing this change (which has improved the experience for the user and essentially has replaced the yellow pages from years gone by), we at Click IT have developed and proven a technique that allows your web pages to come up in search results conducted outside your businesses’ location.

Locations Served is a technique we utilize which will excel your website rankings to the top of results pages (SERPS) for every location you are trying to attract customers/clients from.

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Click Here for a spreadsheet with all our prices.

Learn more about this technique at https://clickitwebsitedesign.com/locations-served-seo-rankings-booster/.