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Here we have listed some of the tools and lessons we're using to help boost our customers' search engine listing rankings so they appear as close to the top as they can possibly get. Our objective is to get our customers' websites on the first page of Google, and we have broken down the tasks into products that we offer our customers for them to select from. See for a listing of all our e-marketing products and services offered.

Watch Neil Patel (an SEO Guru and top-ranking authority) on how to easily get your website ranking at the top. We use this technique in our SEO Booster we call "FAQ Schema". We believe that in order for businesses to trust their SEO company, that company must demonstrate to them that the techniques they use get the results they expect. There are plenty of shenanigans out there ready to take your money without proof that what their doing is going to get you any top-rankings. Our plans are all paid for on a per month, per technique basis, and can be canceled at any time. Also, all our SEO-Boosting products and services are easily understood as far as the cost, and easily selectable based on your budget, meaning you can select the extent of the work you want to be completed according to your budget.  To learn more, see

Tool Suggestions:

Free SEO Tools to Get Page #1 Rankings on Google

SEO takes too much time to do it manually, and if you automate a big chunk of your SEO work, you don't need to break the bank to do it. Over the last sixteen years of being an SEO guru, Neil figured out the right tools to use to help you rank number one on Google. Below are some of Neil's favorite free SEO tools, along with a few of our own, that'll help you get on page one of Google. Learn more here:


  1. ConvertKit -
  2. MozBar -
  3. Reddit -
  4. Quora -
  5. Yahoo! -
  6. Panguin -
  7. Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas -

More Tools:

Learn more here: 

  1. Google Search Console -
  2. Structured Data Markup Helper -
  3. Google Trends -
  4. Hello Bar -
  5. Mailchimp -
  6. Subscribers -
  7. Ubersuggest -
  8. SEMrush -
  9. Jumpshot -
  10. Ahrefs -