A properly designed website marketing plan is multifaceted and unique to each client, which is why we have designed our packages as we have, as shown below.  Search Engine Optimization of all the web pages is the first order of business. After we have conducted an SEO Audit of your website, we select the appropriate elements, taking into account your goals and budget, to provide a complete SEO program which we can guarantee will:

  • Capture Untapped Search Consumers
  • ‘Steal’ Customers From Competitors
  • Get Existing Customers To Buy More
  • Tap The Local Mobile Marketplace
  • Raise Your Social Sharing Value
  • Increase Your Local Reach
  • Grow Your Bottom Line
  • Finally, Monetize Your Online Presence

We will also install some tools which make it easier for the client to see the progress, and if so desired, participate in helping achieve the goals.

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